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Why should you affiliate with us?


Day cookie tracking


Affiliate Comissions


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How it works

Step 1

Add the link to your website

Step 2

Visitors click on your link

Step 3

They purchase hosting

Step 4

Happy visitors, happy you

Let's draw out a scenario...

You had 10,000 visitors this month.
Out of all those, 20% clicked on the link, that's 2000 clicks.
Taking a conversion rate of 7%, that would mean 140 sales.
Using the average price of all our hosting plans which is $188.
You would be set up to earn $10528 total from all sales.
Using the top-paid hosting plan, you would earn $19096.

But what about the Free Trial?

Worry not, the Free Trial does not take away your right to the 40% share you get from the sale. Once the customer decides to purchase the hosting plan next month, you will still be eligible for the reward from this sale.

Our cookie lasts 90-days and this will make sure you always get paid, no matter if the customer decided to return a month later after you referred them to us.

How does payout work?

To validate referrals and to ensure there are no abuse or refund requests, we hold all payments for 90 days before we transfer the affiliate payment to your account.

Once the 90 days have passed and the order has not been refunded, the money will be transferred to your account in our management system. You can then request to withdraw it or use it to pay for services on VisitingHost.

Special discounts for your referrals

Entice your visitors with these awesome discounts
100% OFF
The first month.
10% OFF
Every recurring invoice.
We strive to make life easier for Website Developers, Freelancers, and Small Business Owners.

We do that by creating affordable and easy to use hosting packages.
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