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Tips For Finding The Best Domain

Keep it short

While you might want to implement keywords, domains don't play a role in SEO.

We do not recommend going over 15 characters, as that will make the domain harder to remember.

Experiment with multiple extensions if your desired domain isn't available in the extension you want.

Make it unique

Your domain has to be unique so you can have a special place in your visitor's mind.

Research similar websites to find out how they're creating their domain names.

You might want to try to get a "brandable" domain - your brand's name.

Avoid hyphens

If your domain consists of two words like Visiting Host, you might try to separate them with a hyphen.

This is not recommended as hyphens are often associated with spam domains.

They're also harder to remember and write. You almost never see a big-brand domain with a hyphen.

Protect your brand

It's generally a good idea to buy the same domain in many popular domain extensions.

This helps protect your brand from copycats and scammers that want to impersonate your brand.

Impersonators can also damage your brand by scamming users using your brand's name.

Limit misspellings

Consider purchasing the common misspellings of your domain name.

For example, Facebook also has faebook.cоm,,, and others.

This helps Facebook retain visitors that they would've usually lost because they misspelled the domain name.

Keep it private

Your domain's information is usually visible to anyone who wants to see it.

It's also not hard to request such information as it's an automated service persistent in all registrars.

The best way to combat this is to purchase privacy protection which will prevent your sensitive data from being shown.

Why trust us with your domain?

1. Cheap & Even Free

We strive to sell our domains with minimal profit margins to enable you to start your business for as cheap as possible.

We also give you the chance to get a Free Domain Forever - saving you from future domain payments as long as you retain our hosting service.

2. Domain Privacy

When you register a domain the usual way, all your private and sensitive information is available to anyone who asks for it.

That's why we give you the option to protect your privacy while ordering your domain. This can prevent obnoxious phone calls, spam emails, and even lawsuits.

3. Support

No technical knowledge to set up your domain? No problem.

Our support agents will help you resolve any issue in record time.

Live chat and Ticket support available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Domain?

Your domain is basically a way for people to access your website. It's the same as the address to your house - without it, the taxi driver wouldn't know where to go.

Without a Domain, you can't have a website - because people would have no way to access that website.

Every website uses a domain name -,,, - these are all domains.

Can I change my domain after registration?

When you purchase a domain , it will exist for the specified amount of time you bought it for - and it will be owned by you.

While you can sell it or transfer it to a different user, you cannot change it.

The good news is that you can always register a new domain by following the same steps and use that for your website.

Our support agents will help you achieve your goal!

When does my domain expire?

Domains are usually purchased for one year. If you don't know when it expires, it is very likely one year after you bought it.

Don't worry though. We'll send you an email once it's nearing it's expiration date. You'll be able to renew it with no effort.

Why do I see WWW with most domains?

The inclusion of WWW in a domain is purely subjective. There are no benefits or disadvantages to using it.

There are a lot of websites who don't use it - much like our website.

If you do decide to use it, make sure your website opens using only one address, either with WWW or without WWW.

If your website resolves to both, it is essentially treated as two websites and might get a penalized by Google for double content.

Can I get a Free Domain Forever?

Absolutely, the difference between us and most hosting companies is that while they offer a Free Domain for 1 Year - we extend that to FOREVER. There's no need to pay for domain the second or third year.

Head on to our Shared Hosting or cPanel Hosting to get it now.

How do I check if a domain is available?

Checking if a domain is available is pretty easy.

You can use our Domain Finder tool to make it even easier - without having to leave this page.

Make sure to check different TLDs (.com, .info, .fun, and others) to register the domain you want, and even protect your brand.

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